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10 february 2022WMS


CMP optimizes the loading of its export containers

10 december 2021WMS

Normandie Entrepôts Logistique

NEL calmly absorbs its rush of activity.

24 august 2021WMS

Gamba andamp; Rota

Optimizing Supply Chain Execution information flows

22 june 2021WMS

TB Groupe

TB Groupe sharpens its logistics performance.

31 may 2021WMS


XP LOG optimizes Nutriset's emergency logistics.

31 august 2020WMS


The customer relations logistician

10 july 2020WMS

Durand Production

A leader in the fluids market

10 march 2020WMS

Normandie Entrepôts Logistique

BEXT at the heart of the digitization of NEL's supply chain

9 october 2019WMS


CMP Paris' new logistics platform becomes agile

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