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XP LOG offers comprehensive logistics services to its customers, based on Infflux software solutions.

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Nutriset fights malnutrition by distributing therapeutic foods throughout the world.


With the BEXT solution, XP LOG optimizes emergency logistics for Nutriset, a specialist in therapeutic foods to combat malnutrition!


Around the world, millions of people, mostly children, consume Nutriset therapeutic foods, purchased by the UN, UNICEF, WFP, HCR and NGOs - MSF, Save The Children - to treat acute malnutrition and prevent chronic malnutrition. With a production capacity of several tens of thousands of tons of products per year, Nutriset's mission is to provide effective solutions to the problems of nutrition and malnutrition in countries in crisis or emergency situations.

In order to respond to all UN and NGO requests and emergencies, Nutriset has relied since 2017 on the expertise of the Sealogis Group's 3PL XP LOG to benefit from logistics of the highest technicality, responsiveness and operational excellence. The latest project to date, XP LOG, with the help of Infflux's BEXT WMS solution, has just overhauled Nutriset's logistics processes in 2020, newly equipped with the INFOR M3 ERP, to gain in agility, efficiency and traceability in the export of its goods, 75 containers sent per week to over 20 countries.

XP LOG meets all Nutriset's requirements, supported by the BEXT WMS.
XP LOG meets all Nutriset's requirements, supported by the BEXT WMS.

BEXT, interfaced with the Infor M3 ERP for the food industry, meets NUTRISET's new requirements in terms of agility, traceability and logistical efficiency.


BEXT from INFFLUX: logistics flow management for agility, efficiency and resilience

Committed to combining productivity and operational efficiency in the service of its mission, NUTRISET, which represents 250 employees, made the choice in 2017 to entrust 3 PL XP LOG with the optimization of stock management and order preparations for its production destined for export, 80% of which is destined for UN food programs, UNICEF and 20% for humanitarian associations.

Christophe DEVILLERS adds: "In addition to its ideal geographical location, XP LOG ticked all the boxes in terms of operational and technical capabilities, from optimizing stock management to steering flows and processes. What's more, we had a similar profile of a perennial ETI and shared common values, in particular anticipation, responsiveness and mobilization".

As Bastian PREMEL, IS Project Manager at Sealogis points out: "Given the variability of goods flows due to fluctuations in supply and demand, we need flexible processes, without compromising on safety and quality. INFFLUX's BEXT WMS, which has been deployed within XP LOG since 2009 and can be upgraded to meet our customers' operational needs, is the perfect solution for NUTRISET. As proof of this, the BEXT solution, now interfaced with the Infor M3 ERP for the agri-food sector, meets NUTRISET's new requirements in terms of agility, traceability and logistical efficiency supported by XP LOG.

In addition to optimizing stock management, the BEXT solution manages all the operations required for importing and exporting goods, tracing and controlling all flows, according to a double quality and customs inspection. It takes into account the specificities of the agri-food sector, such as expiration dates and the ever-increasing number of declarations required in bonded warehouses.

XP LOG is a customer and integrator of BEXT solutions.
XP LOG is a customer and integrator of BEXT solutions.
XP LOG guarantees mastered logistics services with Infflux software.
XP LOG guarantees mastered logistics services with Infflux software.
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Flexible processes

With 20 years' experience and a base in Le Havre, France's leading container port, XP LOG has the infrastructure (185,000 m2 of warehousing space and soon 209,000 m2 following the opening of a 24,000 m2 platform next October in the port of Fos sur Mer), a range of expertise (from storage to port traction, including customs management) and the resources (250 employees) needed to optimize NUTRISET's customized supply chain. In addition to centralizing the storage and shipment by container of 40,000 tons of ready-to-use products, since 2018 XP LOG has been responsible for the storage and shipment of raw materials destined mainly for NUTRISET's Malaunay plant and sometimes for its independent franchised producers in charge of local production of its products, in Africa and India. And to control and optimize all of NUTRISET's flows, XP LOG relies autonomously on the BEXT WMS, which adapts to every challenge and specificity.

XP LOG and NUTRISET: operational excellence at the service of a mission

As Christophe DEVILLERS, IS Manager at NUTRISET, tells us: "With XP LOG, we now have a logistics system that works smoothly and efficiently, with deliveries made on time. Our customers and our partners in the PlumpyField network therefore benefit from on-time delivery of the supplies they need for their mission, distribution or local production".

  • No compromise on quality and safety
  • Tailor-made supply chain optimization

Our employees are capable of committing themselves and working weekends and holidays to ensure their mission is fulfilled

Nicolas RIPOLL
Logistics Manager XP LOG


The BEXT solution, interfaced with NUTRISET's ERP, now guarantees XP LOG improved batch allocation, even finer management of raw materials during unpacking, and seamless traceability right through to the cartons. It contributes to the agility, efficiency and logistical resilience of XP LOG, a partner of NUTRISET, capable of absorbing and bouncing back from the ups and downs of the past two years.

"The port of Le Havre has not been spared by hazards, from the yellow vest blockades in 2019 to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, which resulted in a drop of more than 30% in container traffic and 50 days of confinement. We have always found solutions by prioritizing upstream communication with NUTRISET, and above all thanks to our employees, capable of committing themselves and working weekends and public holidays included, to ensure their meaningful logistical mission of "saving lives". Nicolas RIPOLL, Logistics Director, XP LOG.

Respond to all emergencies
Integration of processes managed by BEXT
Customized optimization of the supply chain
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The boom in e-commerce, omnichannel sales, changing purchasing habits and consumer expectations are all having an impact on logistics, and especially on warehousing, which is on the front line. BEXT WS frees you from unforeseen events such as stock-outs, discrepancies and picking errors; the solution optimizes your m2, your resources and digitalizes your processes for impeccable customer service.


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