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Durand Production

A leader in the fluids market

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Durand Production

Over 30 years of know-how have made Durand Production a leader in the fluids market.

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Strong values

Resilience, Agility, Commitment. In less than a week, Durand Production reorganized its production line and logistics to deliver up to 150,000 liters of hydroalcoholic gel a day.


Durand Production's resilience, agility and commitment to tackle the health crisis


As France's No. 1 independent lubricant producer, Durand Production, a subsidiary of the Cipelia group, mobilized from March 30 to June 1, 2020, to produce hydroalcoholic gels to meet the urgent needs of healthcare professionals and those "on the ground". In a tremendous show of solidarity and civic duty, the automotive fluids expert transformed its production line and logistics processes in less than a week to supply up to 150,000 liters of gel a day.

All resources, partners and software tools, including infflux's BEXT WMS solution, were put to work to mobilize and engage Durand Production's employees.

Durand Production transformed its production line in less than a week
Durand Production transformed its production line in less than a week

Our logistics function took over the changeover of our production with the same criteria of on-time delivery and quality of service.


Mobilize to contribute to the national effort!

Following the announcement of the containment on March 16, 2020, Durand Production saw its activity drastically reduced in just a few days, with more than 50% less production. The Harnes plant manufactures 150 million liters of fluids a year, mainly for the automotive industry. In the wake of the introduction of strict health regulations and its service continuity plan, Durand Production, with its production facilities at its disposal, is keen to contribute to the national effort to combat the coronavirus. As Antoine Roucoules, Director of Durand Production, explains, "We had the expertise, the network of partners, the production capacity and the logistics to produce and deliver large volumes of gel. As soon as the government's call for projects was announced, we applied. Our application was approved on March 21. The first liters were delivered on March 26.

Transformed in less than a week thanks to the mobilization of teams and partners!

This change in the production and distribution chain was made possible by the involvement and commitment of Durand Production's employees and partners, both raw material manufacturers and industrialists. Durand Production's chemists and engineers, with the support of the Cipelia Group's research lab, developed the hydroalcoholic solution in line with WHO recommendations. Pharmacopoeia-quality raw materials were purchased and delivered in record time, along with new packaging. A team of volunteer employees modified two of the fifteen or so existing production lines to dedicate them to the manufacture of gel, in strict compliance with barrier procedures. From March 30 to June 1, 2020, up to 150,000 liters a day were produced and delivered initially to hospitals and EPHADs, then to players in the food chain, including the Metro group, and after decontamination to car maintenance centers such as Norauto. Antoine Roucoules adds, "Over the weeks, we have manufactured and delivered to companies that are not our usual customers. Our logistics function has taken over from the change in our production, with the same criteria of respect for deadlines and quality of service as our original business of on-demand manufacturing for the automotive sector."

Durand Production combines production and storage areas in the same building.
Durand Production combines production and storage areas in the same building.
Durand Production benefits from the agility of its production lines.
Durand Production benefits from the agility of its production lines.
liters of hydroalcoholic gel produced and delivered every day
liters of automotive fluid manufactured per year


Getting your logistics in order

The logistics processes, controlled by the BEXT WMS solution, were able to meet demand without any major changes, apart from the addition of an extra operation: the wrapping of prepared pallets in opaque black plastic, to protect sensitive products. In fact, the BEXT solution integrated gels packaged in 500 ml, 1 liter and 5 liter bottles as an extension to the Durand Production range. The real challenge was to manage the logistics activity remotely, from telecommuting employees to stocks deported to other group subsidiaries. In less than 48 hours, the Supply Chain Department was up and running, telecommuting to bring logistics to life remotely.

Eric Lenoir, Supply Chain Manager at Durand Production, comments: "During the first few weeks of production, our logistics flows adapted to strong demand and the requirements of new customers in terms of traceability and marking, with a workforce reduced by 50%. Then we gradually built up stock and stopped production. Durand Production, like many French companies, demonstrated its responsiveness and quality of service during this difficult situation. Today, this situation leads us, like many other professionals, to reflect on the importance of striking the right balance between globalization and proximity of supply."

  • Expanding the range
  • Telecommuting operational in less than 48 hours
  • Strong traceability and marking
Antoine Roucoules

This project, a real human adventure, really mobilized our employees.

Antoine Roucoule


Since June 1, 2020, Durand Production has been experiencing a rebound in the growth of its automotive fluids production. With the vacations just around the corner, the French and Europeans are focusing this year on "local" locations, and therefore on the maintenance and preparation of their cars.

"In addition to demonstrating our agility in the face of a situation as unprecedented as it was sudden, this project, a real human adventure, truly mobilized our employees, who are extremely proud to have contributed to the national health effort. When a project has meaning and a clear objective, employees and partners unite and the capacity for action is multiplied in the service of the collective."

Meeting the urgent needs of healthcare professionals
Transform rapidly to contribute to the national effort
Responding to demand, without major changes
A rebound in production growth
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