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CMP Paris, a French player in the design and distribution of household and personal goods. A major player in import-export and designer of products with French design, exporting to 75 countries.

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New warehouse

Since July 2018, CMP Paris, has had a new logistics platform of over 60,000 m2 in Oise. The BEXT solution ensures agile, responsive management of all the logistics processes involved in selling over 100 million items a year!


Infflux's BEXT solution makes CMP Paris's new logistics platform agile.


With over 380,000 products sold every day in 80 countries, CMP, founded in 1957, is a leading French player in the home and personal goods sector. It stands out for the richness of its range - over 35 brands in 7 universes, its demand for quality and product excellence, its sustained investment in innovation, its attractive prices and its "made-to-measure" services for its 3,000 customers - supermarkets, hypermarkets, independent retailers, e-commerce...

Building on these strengths, CMP Paris, which puts the French Touch on design, has enjoyed double-digit growth worldwide for several years now. To support and amplify this growth, the manufacturer and importer recently acquired a new international logistics platform of over 60,000 m2 in July 2018, certified BREEAM (Building Research Establishement environmental Assessment Method, environmental performance certification) and driven by Infflux's BEXT WMS solution.

A new international logistics platform of over 60,000 m2
A new international logistics platform of over 60,000 m2

A new logistics platform and standardization of BEXT to become agile.


Olivier Perche, Director of Operations at CMP Paris, comments: "We now have a unique, scalable logistics platform to match our ambitions for growth in France and abroad.

The BEXT solution ensures optimization of the entire storage process for our 7,000 references and order preparation, in line with the new needs of our BtoB customers in terms of service quality and direct delivery to end customers, as e-commerce and drop shipping become increasingly important."

The logistics platform is BREEAM-certified (environmental performance certification).
The logistics platform is BREEAM-certified (environmental performance certification).
The BEXT WS Standard solution enables CMP's logistics to be managed in agile mode.
The BEXT WS Standard solution enables CMP's logistics to be managed in agile mode.
CMP manages over 7,000 SKUs and 35 brands in BtoB and BtoC.
CMP manages over 7,000 SKUs and 35 brands in BtoB and BtoC.
products sold per day
brands in 7 universes
countries supplied
square meters of warehouse space on 2 sites


A new logistics platform and standardization of BEXT to become agile.

Faced with strong growth, CMP Paris set about rethinking its outdated logistics tool in 2017, which consisted of 5 sites. The company decided to build a single, scalable platform in Amblainville, a first 48,000 m2 lot and a second 12,000 m2 lot by early 2020, which will centralize all its logistics activities, from storage to delivery by truck in France, Europe and by container for export. In this new site, inaugurated in July 2018, which was built to the highest standards of environmental performance and working conditions, surface area, luminosity and outdoor activities, more than a hundred jobs will be created.

A long-standing Infflux customer, CMP Paris wishes to capitalize on the BEXT solution within this new platform to reconsider its logistics fundamentals in order to gain in legibility, visibility and above all agility. Over the years, CMP has in fact embedded numerous specific features and evolutions of its own in the BEXT solution, which limited the exploitation of data for responsive process management. Since November 2017, Infflux has been working in collaboration with CMP Paris to deploy the BEXT solution in the new platform, making it as simple, agile and scalable as possible. It will be operational by summer 2018, before the peak of activity in autumn. Olivier Perche adds, "Once again, the publisher Infflux, backed by its business expertise, has supported us in making more 'natural' and efficient use of its solution, whose evolutions are now easy to implement."

  • Over one hundred jobs created
  • Standardization of sites to BEXT standard
  • More natural and efficient use of the solution
Olivier Perche - CMP - 2019

We have improved the performance of our logistics and gained in agility.

Olivier Perche
Director of Operations


New developments planned to speed up the supply chain
CMP Paris now has all the data it needs to effectively manage its supply chain, in complete confidence and security, with an overview and visibility of logistics operations at all times. At all stages of the supply chain, CMP is looking to accelerate the process by mobilizing the BEXT WCS and TMS software range. In the near future, the company plans to automate receiving and order preparation, and to optimize its transport and drop shipping management according to customer requirements.

"This new warehouse and the new BEXT installation have enabled us to improve the performance of our logistics and gain in agility. The group has embarked on a digitalization project, and the challenge for Infflux will be to continue to support us and meet this new challenge." Christophe Lucq - Deputy General Manager, CMP Paris

Launch of a new logistics platform
Management of the new platform by BEXT
More agile logistics thanks to BEXT Standard
Automated receiving and preparation
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