Normandie Entrepôts Logistique

Normandie Entrepôts Logistique

NEL calmly absorbs its rush of activity

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A specialist in import/export flows, Normandie Entrepôts Logistique is renowned for its experience, human expertise and numerous approvals (FDA, Organic Certification, Veterinary Consignment).

NEL Transport 2021

BEXT to meet the rush

At a time of recovering demand in Europe, coupled with a boom in freight rates and crazy inflation in container prices, NEL, an approved OAE Full, relies on the BEXT solution to meet its needs and keep its promises to customers in terms of responsiveness, traceability and security.


With BEXT from INFFLUX, Normandie Entrepôts Logistique has been absorbing the rush of activity since the summer of 2021 with complete peace of mind.


With the explosion of maritime volumes and a dynamic chartering market, linked to a catch-up effect in the global post-confinement transport business, keeping its customer promise and striving for operational excellence is a real challenge in 2021 for NEL- Normandie Entrepôts Logistique, a family-owned SME specializing in import/export flows.

To meet this challenge, NEL has been relying since 2019 on the BEXT solution, interfaced with Soget's AP+ software solution for customs authorities, to optimize, trace and secure its processes and import/export flows.

NEL has certified warehouses to meet all business requirements.
NEL has certified warehouses to meet all business requirements.

In addition to the extensive interfacing capabilities of the BEXT solution, we particularly appreciated the involvement of the publisher INFFLUX.


BEXT will be deployed in November 2019, and during this busy period for NEL, it will be used for a wide range of tasks, from the management of accurate inventories in compliance with customs regulations, to the upstream and downstream traceability of flows, from inbound to outbound, including control at all stages and even the implementation of locks.

With BEXT, NEL optimizes all the flows and processes involved in its export business: arrival of goods by truck, centralization and grouping of containers, outbound and import shipments, arrival of containers, unloading, location management, pallet preparation.

Gwendal Meledo adds: "At the cutting edge of digitalization of our processes, BEXT guarantees to deliver precise information and answers to our ecosystem, service provider, forwarder and customer, thanks to the historization and traceability of all our flows, in a context where landing or embarkation dates are constantly changing"

NEL is subject to stringent traceability requirements for customs operations.
NEL is subject to stringent traceability requirements for customs operations.
NEL has enhanced its operational efficiency in the warehouse with the BEXT solution.
NEL has enhanced its operational efficiency in the warehouse with the BEXT solution.
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In addition to flawless traceability, the solution monitors processes and pallet routing at every stage, and reports any malfunctions. Frédérique Lefebvre, NEL's Sales Manager, comments: "We are above all a human business, where mistakes are possible

She continues: "With BEXT, we have a tool to support the work of our people, which guarantees alerts and locks against the risks of leaving goods on the ground or making a destination error, which have serious consequences in our global export business, from Singapore to New York."

  • Faultless traceability
  • Enhanced quality control
  • A work support tool
Gwendal Meledo - NEL 2021

The solution meets all our just-in-time requirements and our control of regulatory risk.

Gwendal Meledo
Managing Director


Gwendal Meledo concludes: "In addition to the BEXT solution's extensive interfacing capabilities with the tools required for a fluid customs information chain, we particularly appreciated the involvement of the publisher INFFLUX, which has high-quality resources with strong expertise in logistics and maritime transit."

Gwendal Meledo, Managing Director of NEL, comments: "In this busy period, which could have been synonymous with disorganization and errors in the face of numerous unforeseen events, we have been able to observe, on a daily basis, the agility, solidity and even resilience of the BEXT solution, to optimize and trace the flows and processes of our "tailor-made" services. The solution is perfectly suited to our 'just-in-time' business and our control of regulatory risk".

A need to optimize, trace and secure flows
Software that controls all processes
Faultless traceability
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