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BEXT WS to boost RDSL

Since January 2020, RDSL has been relying on the BEXT WS solution to optimize its supply chain, in line with the new requirements of its increasingly diversified customer portfolio.


Infflux's BEXT WMS solution to boost the development of RDSL, a customer relations logistician.


Founded in 1984, RDSL is a family-run business on a human scale, renowned for its rich range of services, from desktop publishing personalization and routing to POP logistics, kitting and fulfillment for a wide variety of products. With over 30 years' experience and 200 employees who are experts in their fields, RDSL handles more than 3 million digital A4 faces, one million copies placed in envelopes and 10,000 parcels sent every day.

As part of the diversification of its customer portfolio and the development of its logistics activity, RDSL chose the BEXT WMS solution to optimize the organization, processes and teams of its two warehouses, one of 25,000 m2, including 8,500 m2 of workshops, located in Houdan and the other of 4,000 m2 located in La Ciotat. Laurent Beaune, RDSL's IT Manager, adds: "The BEXT solution fits in perfectly with our company's desire, in all its services, to be ever more efficient, flexible and agile in line with customer requirements, in order to win their loyalty over the long term."

RDSL has 2 warehouses managed by BEXT solutions.
RDSL has 2 warehouses managed by BEXT solutions.

We were impressed by the solution's ability to manage and optimize all types of flows and products.


A solution to support the development of RDSL's logistics business

Faced with the acceleration of its logistics activity, RDSL, equipped with an old-generation WMS, is looking for a new software solution at the end of 2018 that will optimize the organization and processes of its warehouses, in line with the changing challenges and needs of its customers in a variety of sectors. RDSL's project aims to equip itself with a latest-generation WMS solution that guarantees high scalability and best logistics practices. In July 2019, following a review of market players, RDSL selected INFFLUX's BEXT WS solution, which stood out for its multi-site and multi-deposit dimension, modularity, flexibility and customer autonomy.

A publisher that listens to our needs

Laurent Beaune adds: "Beyond BEXT WS's innovation, we were won over by the solution's ability to manage and optimize all types of flows and products. What's more, the expertise of INFFLUX, a publisher who truly listens to our needs, was decisive in our choice, as a guarantee of quality support in the implementation of new processes and practices." From August 2019, INFFLUX will be carrying out a functional analysis of the BEXT solution according to the needs of the various RDSL applicants, then rethinking processes according to current best practices and training "Key Users" or reference users of its solution in the field. Coupled with a new server, new thermal printers and RF terminals, the BEXT solution will be operational in January 2020.

Field-trained users for greater efficiency.
Field-trained users for greater efficiency.
Orders processed per month
copies inserted per day
25,000 M2 warehouses


New management for a new way of working
As Laurent Beaune confides, "The implementation of the BEXT solution has imposed new ways of working and a new philosophy. Today, it's IT that drives logistics operations, not staff in the field. Logistics processes and operations are now harmonized and optimized across all warehouses. The BEXT solution, which manages over 5,300 SKUs, controls and steers all the flows, processes and resources required for the 4,000 B2B/B2C orders processed every month.

In addition to managing the locations of the various products of depositors, it optimizes order preparation, giving priority to speed and agility, according to the resources available and the volume of work in the workshops. What's more, the BEXT WS solution absorbs and smoothes out the many peaks in RDSL's logistics activity linked to its customers' promotional operations on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day...

  • Control of all flows
  • Warehouse management
  • Optimization of order preparation
  • Absorption and smoothing of logistics peaks
Laurent Beaune CIO, RDSL Group

This project has revolutionized our logistics, enabling us to evolve in line with our ambitions.

Laurent Beaune


In the coming months, RDSL plans to automate its supply chain, driven by INFFLUX's BEXT CS solution, to accelerate and increase the volume of orders processed, in the face of increasing peaks in activity and the demands of its new customers.

"INFFLUX's easy dialogue and perfect knowledge of the business, a guarantee of agile practices, enabled us to succeed in this project to computerize our operational logistics, by embarking our staff on new ways of working. This project has revolutionized our logistics, enabling us to evolve in line with our ambitions to win new customers."

Need to diversify customer portfolio
Processes redesigned using best practices
Revolutionized logistics
Supply chain automation with BEXT CS
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The boom in e-commerce, omnichannel sales, changing purchasing habits and consumer expectations are all having an impact on logistics, and especially on warehousing, which is on the front line. BEXT WS frees you from unforeseen events such as stock-outs, discrepancies and picking errors; the solution optimizes your m2, your resources and digitalizes your processes for impeccable customer service.


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