Logistics services

Logistics services

A range of services to improve your organization

Faced with accelerating innovation, digitalization and changes in purchasing behavior, the logistics industry must constantly improve its organization, processes and practices. As a consulting editor, our services are the driving force behind the agility and responsiveness of your logistics.

Accelerate your ROI

Whether you're looking to acquire or replace your WMS, WCS or TMS solution, we're with you every step of the way to ensure the success of your project and the best possible return on investment (ROI). In addition to the services linked to the deployment of our software solutions - integration, parameterization - we offer you an environment of value-added services to help you gain in efficiency, productivity and agility, in and out of the warehouse, to raise your customer promise.

ROI at the heart of decision-making
ROI at the heart of decision-making

Common sense in action

We support you in implementing new processes, spreading new practices, managing change and making the best use of BEXT. Our approach is pragmatic, authentic and common sense: our solutions are at the service of your performance and growth, today and tomorrow.

Change management as a team
Change management as a team

We put our 25 years' experience in the field and a wide range of business expertise to work for you, with over 300 successful projects in more than 20 business sectors. Our 90-strong team, trained on an ongoing basis, combines logistical skills, experience, technological expertise and methodological know-how. Our agile project methodology adapts to your context. We manage our projects on time and on budget. We provide skills transfer and change management support to enable users to take full advantage of our tools and functionalities.

Auditing to improve practices

An audit of your organization and logistics habits is the first step in our collaboration. Together, we assess, measure and diagnose your operations, processes and logistics practices, in order to provide you with the most appropriate areas for improvement. In addition to analyzing your key logistics processes and measuring their performance, we focus on best logistics practices and anticipate future logistics changes. In our audit, we recommend using the most useful technologies, simplifying processes and putting common sense into action in warehouse organization and practices.

Training and technical assistance to ensure the long-term viability of our solutions

To ensure the best possible transfer of skills and a rapid ROI from our solutions, we offer training courses tailored to the needs of your users. We believe that training courses should be tailored to your users' profiles and the specifics of your processes, in order to offer the best possible learning experience. Training courses can be delivered face-to-face at our premises or your sites, or remotely.

Our solutions are at the heart of your logistics, making them crucial, even critical. We offer support and maintenance to meet your strategic need for service continuity and process optimization. Our customer support offer and maintenance programs are à la carte, to ensure the best possible performance according to your expectations and objectives.

BEXT projects
Average duration of a standard project4 to 6 months
Example 1 of a recent project3,000 square meters, 8 users
Example 2 of a recent project35,000 square meters, 70 users
Example 3 of a recent project120,000 square meters with mechanization
New warehouse being filled
New warehouse being filled
A proven methodology
A proven methodology
Customized training
Customized training
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The boom in e-commerce, omnichannel sales, changing purchasing habits and consumer expectations are all having an impact on logistics, and especially on warehousing, which is on the front line. BEXT WS frees you from unforeseen events such as stock-outs, discrepancies and picking errors; the solution optimizes your m2, your resources and digitalizes your processes for impeccable customer service.



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