User experience

User experience

The ergonomic user interface has always been the hallmark of the BEXT suite

An instinctive experience

The user interface of the BEXT software suite combines the comfort of instinctive use with a wide range of tools and customization options.

A unified, cross-platform HMI

BEXT "Digital Mobility" (DM) technology, developed by Infflux, drives all user interfaces for visualizing and controlling your logistics processes. Compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and the Web, it enables DM applications to be present on a wide range of media, from desktop clients (PCs) and radio terminals (Android) to televisions and touch screens. Its native integration with the application server enables high-performance, secure exchanges between all the tools in the BEXT range.

For 360° vision, management and optimization
For 360° vision, management and optimization
A simple yet powerful user interface
A simple yet powerful user interface
Available on all your devices
Available on all your devices

A powerful native interface

On the desktop, the BEXT DM application offers you a modern, user-friendly interface for displaying your data in the form you prefer (list, maps, tables, graphs). Information, notifications and value changes are transmitted to you in real time, and your processes run before your very eyes, giving you full control of your activity. BEXT DM's unrivalled screen parameterization capability enables each user to customize their workstation down to the finest detail (depending on user rights).

User-configurable screens
User-configurable screens

Redesigned mobile ergonomics

Radio treatments based on DM technology have been completely redesigned by experts in design and ergonomics to make mobile tasks more pleasant and fluid. The emphasis is on legibility and accessibility of graphic elements to guarantee maximum efficiency in the execution of your logistics processes. DM technology offers undeniable advantages here, as it does on fixed workstations, in terms of information feedback and immediate directives. BEXT DM in a mobile environment also provides access to the equipment's various sensors (camera, positioning, gyroscope, Bluetooth, etc.) to meet the logistics needs of today and tomorrow.

An Android-based radio interface
An Android-based radio interface
The interface is responsive and adapts to any screen size.
The interface is responsive and adapts to any screen size.

The fruit of Infflux's expertise in warehouse user ergonomics, the new BEXT interface based on "Digital Mobility" (DM) technology offers a turnkey experience combined with a high degree of customizability. Modify your screens to your liking, display the information you feel is most relevant, and arrange it in the way that suits you best, so that every day you can find a workstation that suits you and enables you to work at optimum efficiency. In the same spirit, BEXT offers you a whole range of quick indicators optimized for concise yet practical display on your home screen. To further enhance the user experience, you can tailor your graphic indicators to your needs, taking advantage of DM technology to see your warehouse's daily activity evolve in real time. Group your data or divide it into tables for a detailed analysis of your activity history.

An intuitive user interface

BEXT comes with turnkey user interfaces for fixed and mobile terminals, designed and built by our logistics specialists. Designed with high-performance, flexible technologies, these screens can be modified and/or enhanced with components and information to meet your diverse needs. Complete applications can be developed on this technological basis, used stand alone or integrated directly into one of the standard interfaces of the BEXT application galaxy. In this way, you benefit from the full performance of BEXT DM technology in an "à la carte" application.

Performance and flexibility in a single product

  • Recognized expertise for ergonomics that respect your business
  • Modern interfaces designed by experts
  • Powerful technology providing you with information in real time
  • BEXT everywhere, wherever you are

With over twenty-five years' experience in WMS, the Infflux teams have designed BEXT's ergonomics to meet your needs first and foremost, and to provide you with the most efficient working environment possible. Today's technology meets the demands of a fast-changing logistics industry, in search of performance and reliability. Based on tried-and-tested ergonomic fundamentals, while allowing a wide range of customizations, BEXT's user experience meets your needs today and propels you towards the logistics of tomorrow.

BEXT in everyday life
Average time to get to grips with Radio preparation (interim, newcomer, etc.)Less than 15 Min
Radio terminal preparation error rateLess than 1 per 1,000
Antoine Roucoules

This project, a real human adventure, really mobilized our employees.

Antoine Roucoule
Director - Durand Production
Olivier Perche - CMP - 2019

We have improved the performance of our logistics and gained in agility.

Olivier Perche
Director of Operations - CMP
Claude Soumet

The BEXT solution fits in perfectly with our strategy of offering our customers a tailor-made logistics solution.

Claude Soumet
Logistics Director - Denjean Logistique
François-Xavier Boisramé

INFFLUX works with us to ensure that our organization and processes are as efficient as possible.

François-Xavier Boisramé
Logistics Director - Djeco
Lucien Pitiot Gamba Rota 2015

The BEXT solution ensures traceability of all our operations, as well as information feedback via EDI, as requested by our customers.

Lucien Pitiot
Wine and Spirits Logistics Manager - Gamba andamp; Rota

Case studies

Through customer case studies, discover how our logistics software has responded to problems encountered in the field.

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  • Yes, BEXT DM is compatible with all Android-based devices (radio terminals, tablets, TVs and connected watches)

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