Delivery optimization

Delivery optimization

At the heart of consumer satisfaction

According to the latest e-commerce nation study, delivery is the number one e-commerce satisfaction criterion for French consumers. Logisticians must equip themselves with the best tools to improve their transport performance, while optimizing their inherent costs.

Delivery in all its forms

Increasing consumer demands in terms of delivery times and services

The health crisis has largely contributed to the development of e-commerce in France, as demonstrated by the "Smart e-commerce" report published in January 2021 by UPS. The figures are clear: almost 15% of French people now plan to make their purchases exclusively online, an increase of 66% compared to the last study.
Alongside traditional express home delivery, consumers are now demanding that e-commerce players adopt alternative delivery methods. For them, point retrait, drive and consigne are effective solutions for limiting the total number of delivery rounds, and thus meeting the ecological challenges raised by e-commerce. When buying from a major retailer, 48% of French consumers demand alternative delivery solutions, and almost 85% pay attention to the carrier's reputation.
Quality delivery that's fast, ecological and sustainable, structured around several delivery options: this is the challenge facing online retailers today.

An imperative: the smooth flow of goods and flows

In this increasingly demanding context, it is of course imperative for professionals to ensure the smooth flow of information and goods between the company, its service providers and its customers. The challenge lies mainly in the company's ability to deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time.
Today, human power alone is no longer enough. That's why most companies faced with the challenges of e-commerce are investing in specialized software known as TMS (Transport Management System). These solutions have rapidly established themselves as indispensable for effective supply chain management From now on, the operational excellence required by the market will depend on companies' ability to mobilize resources in record time, agility and the adoption of scalable IT tools.

The need for traceability, visibility and agility in the operational supply chain

One of the most important issues for consumers is product traceability. Today, it's no longer enough to deliver goods as quickly as possible to the buyer's desired location, but also to offer the possibility of tracking the product's journey from the warehouse to the point of delivery, in real time. This visibility is naturally a source of confidence and reassurance for the consumer Traceability is also important for the company, as it enables it to identify critical points in its supply chain more easily, and to respond with precision and agility to any problems that may arise. Responsive logistics is synonymous with productivity gains.

Consumers are increasingly demanding traceability for their orders.
Consumers are increasingly demanding traceability for their orders.

High-quality, fast delivery, ecological and sustainable, structured around several delivery options

Solutions for optimization


Today, it's difficult to offer an efficient delivery service without optimized TMS software. Today's solutions are particularly attractive for their scalability and integrability. An effective software package adapts perfectly to the pre-existing IT environment, but also to the specific sectoral constraints of a market.
The most practical functionalities of a good TMS software package include transport label edition and delivery tracking, tariff administration, pre-billing as well as tariff and tender simulation. An effective TMS also enables all evaluation criteria to be taken into account when choosing a carrier, including transport plans, lead times, cutoffs, rates and quotas.
By opting for optimization software, you'll have everything you need to make an informed choice and improve your responsiveness.

Route management solution

Good management of the last kilometer is a key issue for e-commerce players. As the last point of contact between consumer and company, it is, according to numerous studies, the main point of customer satisfaction. So it's best not to overlook its importance The use of a flexible and innovative route management solution is particularly relevant in this respect, as it will provide you with a real-time view of the transport operations of your service providers and employees. In particular, it will enable you to manage delivery requests and vehicle assignments as you see fit, as well as the precise geolocation of delivery personnel. It goes without saying that route management software takes into account the various internal, external and regulatory constraints in force, so that you can offer your customers the most efficient service possible.
Optimizing your routes is a key factor in reducing the number of kilometers traveled, delivery times and related costs. Good route management also contributes to the longevity of your vehicle fleet, since it protects them from excessive wear and tear.

Mobile applications for delivery drivers

Since transparency and the smooth flow of information are fundamental to e-commerce today, all links in the chain must benefit from the digitization of the supply chain. Mobile applications specially designed for delivery drivers are on the rise.
Whether installed on a cell phone or a tablet, they make it easier to plan delivery rounds and optimize routes. Last but not least, they'll enable you to ensure that your products are delivered correctly, by dematerializing delivery notes and packing slips.

Logistics teams can supervise all transport operations with a TMS.
Logistics teams can supervise all transport operations with a TMS.

More than 80% of orders delivered late in e-commerce are permanently cancelled by the customer. Optimizing delivery reliability and agility is a prerequisite for long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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