Receiving and order picking

Receiving and order picking

Goods receipt and order picking are key functions of a WMS.

Your warehouse's core processes

To manage an extensive and demanding supply chain, you need to have complete control over your logistics execution.


Mastery of receiving operations guarantees the success of order picking, and forms the basis of warehouse performance. BEXT WS enables you to anticipate, identify, control and qualify your incoming goods very precisely in your information system.

You can use an Android smartphone to receive goods.
You can use an Android smartphone to receive goods.
Reliable order picking
Reliable order picking
Controlled receiving docks
Controlled receiving docks

Order preparation

Mastery of all processes, from order scheduling to dispatch, has a major impact on overall warehouse productivity, service levels and transport optimization. Bext's algorithms optimize your B2B, B2C, parcel/palletization and cross-dock flows.

Easily manage your receiving and picking operations.
Easily manage your receiving and picking operations.


Bext can print all types of documents and labels from its standard library or customized templates (locations, packages, pallets, delivery notes, etc.) on any printer on the market.

Printing carrier labels
Printing carrier labels
Consult and manage your operations on multiple devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, radio terminal, connected TV, etc.)
Consult and manage your operations on multiple devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, radio terminal, connected TV, etc.)

BEXT WS helps you plan workloads, schedule activity, monitor task progress and optimize your operators' movements. The result: simplified control of your workflows, allowing you to focus on optimizing their management and assessing their performance.

Task management

These functions are based on the best technological tools available. These functions are designed both to transmit the right jobs to the right operators, and to monitor activity in real time. They cover all functions, from reception to automatic dispatch.

Key functionalities for receiving and order picking

  • Reception planning and administrative management
  • Workload assessment
  • Multiple receiving methods (single, double validation, returns, inter-site, RECADV/DESADV, etc.)
  • Equipment management
  • Quality control and automatic sampling
  • Cross docking (transit, flow through, opportunistic)
  • Supplier date contract
  • Appointment management

A comprehensive WMS like BEXT WS enables you to optimize every task. This allows operators to be deployed in the most efficient way possible within the warehouse. Administrative tasks are automated as far as possible, and information is distributed to third-party systems and players. By facilitating the work of your operators through intuitive and efficient instructions, and by avoiding waste, your staff save money (fewer steps traveled, easier interactions with other departments and third parties) and produce more added value . As a result, they are more fulfilled in their work, which helps to limit turnover in the warehouse.

Antoine Roucoules

This project, a real human adventure, really mobilized our employees.

Antoine Roucoule
Director - Durand Production
Olivier Perche - CMP - 2019

We have improved the performance of our logistics and gained in agility.

Olivier Perche
Director of Operations - CMP
Claude Soumet

The BEXT solution fits in perfectly with our strategy of offering our customers a tailor-made logistics solution.

Claude Soumet
Logistics Director - Denjean Logistique
François-Xavier Boisramé

INFFLUX works with us to ensure that our organization and processes are as efficient as possible.

François-Xavier Boisramé
Logistics Director - Djeco
Lucien Pitiot Gamba Rota 2015

The BEXT solution ensures traceability of all our operations, as well as information feedback via EDI, as requested by our customers.

Lucien Pitiot
Wine and Spirits Logistics Manager - Gamba andamp; Rota

Case studies

Through customer case studies, discover how our logistics software has responded to problems encountered in the field.

  • Establishing the facts
  • Solutions
  • Results
  • Next steps
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Case studies

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