A solution tailored to your needs

A powerful toolbox

BEXT is designed in technical and functional bricks. This makes it possible to adapt our standard as well as to co-design custom execution systems.

Standard or customized

All adaptations or custom additions can be made without modifying the BEXT executable. So you'll remain compatible with future versions of our products. Our aim is to provide you with the scalability and autonomy you need to quickly modify the use and system behavior of your warehouse in response to changing requirements.

Are your robots unique? Offer them customized control.
Are your robots unique? Offer them customized control.
Is your mechanization classic? BEXT controls it as standard.
Is your mechanization classic? BEXT controls it as standard.

Scalable technology

The technologies used by Infflux are among the latest on the market. They guarantee compatibility between pre-existing systems and new, innovative solutions, as well as interconnectivity via APIs. Our long-standing expertise in algorithms, our technology watch and our know-how mean you benefit from efficient integration and state-of-the-art ergonomics.

BEXT evolves with technology.
BEXT evolves with technology.

A catalog of standard APIs

BEXT has a complete catalog of REST and SOAP APIs, covering all the needs of both mechanized and non-mechanized workflows. These APIs enable accelerated implementation while guaranteeing optimal response times. BEXT also enables rapid connection to your APIs, thanks to our flexible and intuitive call creation wizard.

APIs for mechanized warehouses
APIs for mechanized warehouses
Modularity for unison control.
Modularity for unison control.

BEXT CS manages all communication protocols with low-level systems. Whether it's a PLC, a robot or an automated storage system, BEXT CS can exchange data via Web Service, TCP/IP telegram exchange, Modbus protocol, etc.
Combined with its open data model and the ability to run customized algorithms, BEXT CS's software intelligence guarantees that you can drive all your intralogistics and/or robotics equipment to boost your warehouse's overall performance.

From standard to customized

  • Open data model
  • Rich, flexible API catalog
  • Adaptable algorithms without touching the core of BEXT
  • Adapted screen design possible for desktop or embedded processes

BEXT has a rich standard based on best practices from the field. Its modularity means you can tailor BEXT to your unique processes.

Antoine Roucoules

This project, a real human adventure, really mobilized our employees.

Antoine Roucoule
Director - Durand Production
Olivier Perche - CMP - 2019

We have improved the performance of our logistics and gained in agility.

Olivier Perche
Director of Operations - CMP
Claude Soumet

The BEXT solution fits in perfectly with our strategy of offering our customers a tailor-made logistics solution.

Claude Soumet
Logistics Director - Denjean Logistique
François-Xavier Boisramé

INFFLUX works with us to ensure that our organization and processes are as efficient as possible.

François-Xavier Boisramé
Logistics Director - Djeco
Lucien Pitiot Gamba Rota 2015

The BEXT solution ensures traceability of all our operations, as well as information feedback via EDI, as requested by our customers.

Lucien Pitiot
Wine and Spirits Logistics Manager - Gamba andamp; Rota

Case studies

Through customer case studies, discover how our logistics software has responded to problems encountered in the field.

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Case studies

10 Feb 2022WMS


CMP optimizes the loading of its export containers

10 Dec 2021WMS


NEL calmly absorbs its rush of activity.

24 Aug 2021WMS

Gamba & Rota

Optimizing Supply Chain Execution information flows


Logistics organization
WCSlogistics planning

The backbone of a company

Dynamic storage
WCSdynamic storage

To optimize the use of your warehouse space


  • Not only can BEXT integrate your exotic data, but they can also be incorporated into processes co-constructed with you.

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