Operational and financial control of transport operations

The BEXT software suite enables you to manage transport operations and control their financial aspects, across all flows.

Tactical control of transport costs

To meet customer requirements and increasingly complex regulations, shippers need to manage their transport flows with a constant eye on cost and lead times. Indeed, transportation is the number one logistics cost item in many sectors, and in industry in particular, the number two cost item after salaries. What's more, we're currently witnessing a surge in additional costs linked to overbooking and the upturn in demand, which shippers are feeling the full brunt of. More than ever, anticipating and controlling transport costs is becoming a priority for shippers in industry, specialized distribution and e-commerce.

Cost control and freight optimization
Cost control and freight optimization

Operational control of all your flows

At a time when customers are becoming ever more demanding, and want delivery times to be as short and reliable as possible, the process of choosing the best transport service, monitoring the various trackings within the carrier's logistics network, and informing your customers of the exact location of their orders, all guarantee fulfillment of your customer promise, and turn the reliability and traceability of your logistics network into a strong commercial argument. choice will have been optimized by our TMS, while respecting both operational constraints (dimensions, dangerousness, etc.) and financial constraints (costs, lead times, etc.).

Carrier selection and delivery tracking to enhance your competitiveness
Carrier selection and delivery tracking to enhance your competitiveness

Faced with complex pricing structures and poorly estimated additional costs, transport managers need to strike the right balance between cost control and operational performance. Transport is the key link in your customer promise, which is why consistent quality of service is so important. At the heart of your supply chain management, a TMS solution is essential to optimize your transport budget, gain end-to-end visibility and increase customer satisfaction. Capable of integrating all tariffs, logistics flows and modes, our TMS guarantees you precise knowledge of the true costs of your transports, organize and plan them according to the best cost/time mix, digitalize your processes and communicate more effectively and transparently with your carriers.
The fruit of 30 years' experience, our TMS can calculate everything from carrier rates to additional or even hidden costs, to deliver you the real prices for your freight shipments, with a view to optimizing your budget. As such, it handles all units of payment - weight, container, pallet, floor meter, cubic meter, parcel, etc. all types and sizes of goods. - all types and modes of transport - road, sea, river and air - express, single parcel, courier, lot, full truckload and all taxes Diesel, Maut, Covid, Customs, linked to sea freight CAF, BAF. It can also integrate associated logistics costs such as dockage, and contingencies such as the cost of a second delivery.

Automate your administrative tasks and facilitate invoice control

With our TMS, you can perform cross-analyses to run price simulations according to your flows - distribution, inter-site, upstream purchasing - and your modes of transport - road, rail, sea and air. In just a few clicks, you can prioritize the most appropriate carriers to optimize the organization of your transport plan, according to the best cost/time mix, without load disruption or additional costs.
Our solution guarantees you automation of the entire administrative and financial process of your transport management for ever greater budget savings. Its pre-invoicing module enables you to simulate your transport invoicing, compare it with the invoices received, and exchange information with your carriers in complete transparency.

Traceability from warehouse to customer

But cost control doesn't mean you can't have the most precise operational management possible. Our TMS also enables you to choose the best carrier, as well as optimize and digitize your transport orders, so that your carriers can organize themselves to load goods as quickly as possible.

To achieve this, our TMS manages the various transport plans of our service providers, generating labels directly in the format of their specifications, announcing them via an EDI flow, and tracking the completion of transport within the chosen carrier's network. In this way, the BEXT software suite provides your logistics manager with optimum traceability of your shipments, to all your customers, be they professionals or private individuals.

Serving your logistics function
Number of sites deployed more than 50
Savings observed2 to 5% of transport budget
Target error rate less than 1%
Transport and logistics indicators
Seamless traceability of your physical flows
Seamless traceability of your physical flows
TMS optimizes the logistical costs associated with road haulage, such as docking.
TMS optimizes the logistical costs associated with road haulage, such as docking.
Flow management for all modes of transport (trucks, tankers, barges, railcars, airplanes, etc.)
Flow management for all modes of transport (trucks, tankers, barges, railcars, airplanes, etc.)


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