Our customer references

Our customer references

Sector-specific expertise and functionalities to meet your performance challenges

To help you meet your specific performance challenges, we have access to in-depth knowledge and experts in each of the key issues facing some twenty business sectors.

A range of business expertise

Over and above the traditional performance levers of speeding up production rates and service quality, you have your own challenges, requirements and regulations, depending on your sector of activity. These may vary according to the evolution of your market, or even the country in which you operate. With over 300 projects in 20 industries, we offer a wealth of know-how and a software suite designed to meet your specific needs, while benefiting from Supply Chain Execution (SCE) best practices to deliver 100% on your BtoB or BtoC customer promise.

Industry expertise to advise you better.
Industry expertise to advise you better.

A wide range of functionalities to meet the requirements and regulations of a wide range of industries

With a wealth of functions, the BEXT software suite offers functionalities designed and conceived according to the requirements and regulations of your business sector.


With the BEXT software suite, you can manage the standard office supply of new titles to your network of partner bookshops.

You can also use BEXT to increase your order-picking rates to manage your peaks of activity. The start of the new literary season or the awarding of a prize can multiply your sales by 3 to 5. The same applies to optimizing the management of unsold goods returned to your warehouse: they can be reintegrated into another sales channel, crushed and recycled


As part of a new European regulation against the falsification of medicines, pharmaceutical industries and laboratories must ensure the "box traceability" of their products through serialization. This system, based on a unique code guaranteeing authenticity and traceability throughout the drug's life cycle, involves new logistical operations.

With BEXT, certified and secure, you can, as logisticians in the pharmaceutical industry, optimize the serialization of your drugs in your warehouse. In the hospital sector, BEXT makes it just as easy to manage the distribution of individual drugs to patients. The same applies to the cosmetics industry, where the BEXT solution streamlines logistics operations, while ensuring traceability as a bulwark against counterfeiting

Wines andamp; Spirits

A fragile and delicate product par excellence, wine and spirits require rigorous logistical organization, while scrupulously complying with customs regulations.

With BEXT, wine and spirits logisticians, you can easily manage stock accounting according to the applicable tax rate (alcoholic strength by volume, excise duty), make your stock movement declarations (SMD) to customs and draw up the documents required for the circulation of spirits in France and internationally.


Perishable foodstuffs require just-in-time logistics, with impeccable processes and handling from storage to transport, in compliance with temperature, cold chain and hygiene regulations.

With BEXT, food logisticians, you have an SCE solution that guarantees optimization of your operations and "flawless" traceability to manage your products according to the minimum durability date (MDD), "intelligent" multi-temperature transport, and optimize your sampling.


At the heart of reducing delivery times, a key element of the customer promise, the BEXT solution enables e-tailers to accelerate retail order preparation. BEXTG assists you in your ropshipment, e-fulfilment, urban logistics and marketplaces management operations.

The BEXT suite adapts to all your new uses, e-commerce logisticians. It can also pre-calculate the carbon footprint of deliveries, which can be consulted by web users when they place their order, and even manage product returns

Focus on a few business sectors

Logistics services

Since its creation, we have been working with logistics service providers who have a wide range of services and specific offers, from 2PLs to 5PLs. Whatever their segmentation and service offering, logistics service providers have to manage a large number of BtoB customers, with extremely varied needs, processes and product types, in order to deliver on their logistics promise. Added to this is the boom in e-commerce, which means new logistics operations on behalf of your customers, with ever tighter delivery times.

Nos + : Our software suite is easy to install and implement, and guarantees the agility and adaptability you need. With its native multi-site and multilingual capabilities, BEXT gives you the autonomy you need to quickly integrate a new customer into your warehouse and offer them a flawless experience, in France and across Europe!


With references from the biggest French brands, we have significant experience in Retail, and in particular in the challenges of omnichannel and seamless customer experience. In addition to managing omnichannel in the best possible way, today's retail players need to re-enchant the customer journey. Click and collect and Ship from Store are the new challenges of omnichannel commerce. Stores, at the heart of multi-channel flows, are becoming mini-warehouses, and salespeople logistics operators. Your key challenge is to humanize the logistics experience of your sales staff and the consumers in your stores!

Nos + : Our software suite and expertise ensure that the best logistics practices, already tried and tested in warehouses, are transferred to stores, so that your sales staff can add value to the act of parcel collection, without disrupting the customer experience and journey!


In this sector, we have developed numerous innovative logistics projects, at a time of relocation and industry 4.0. Your SCE solution must be your ally in your just-in-time organization and processes, upstream or downstream of your production, whether you're a manufacturer or an in situ service provider. You need to increase the efficiency and agility of your logistics processes, while promoting automation, hyper-connectivity and information sharing.

Our + : Our BEXT software suite blends seamlessly into your metal- and water-intensive industrial environment, and into your highly automated or even robotized processes. At the heart of intelligent logistics, our suite can meet your needs for supply chain logistics based on the Kanban method, optimized management of your remote inventories, and immediate traceability.

Our approach

We draw on the expertise of our teams, our customers and our ecosystem to offer innovative, agile and pragmatic technological solutions. For over 30 years, we've been injecting common sense into logistics and transport processes.

Pragmatism in the field
Pragmatism in the field
BEXT meets the needs of every industry.
BEXT meets the needs of every industry.
Seamless traceability from end to end, particularly in the agri-food sector
Seamless traceability from end to end, particularly in the agri-food sector
Omnichannel flow management to meet new consumer demands.
Omnichannel flow management to meet new consumer demands.


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