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A WMS needs to be intuitive and fast to use on a day-to-day basis, as well as a powerful and comprehensive analysis tool.

BEXT offers logisticians a reliable, fast and easy-to-use solution

Because the primary business of logistics service providers, 3PLs and 4PLs is above all logistics, BEXT has been designed by logisticians to ensure simple, fluid and efficient real-time activity management. At all times, it provides a perfect stock image and irreproachable flow traceability. Its highly intuitive, highly configurable ergonomics make it easy for operators to get to grips with the system, and to make the transition from one system to another. Information is easily accessible, legible and comprehensible to all.

Inventory and operations control
Inventory and operations control
BEXT optimizes your site, whatever its size.
BEXT optimizes your site, whatever its size.

Bext provides logisticians with a powerful analysis tool

Analysis of warehouse activity has become essential to reduce inventory and its cost, while ensuring optimum customer service. This is made possible directly in BEXT via a powerful query tool. Numbers of receipts, orders, preparation times, shortages, occupancy rates, inventory rates, etc., are all indicators that can be easily monitored to steer activity and optimize logistics flows and processes. Tables, graphs and curves are just some of the analysis tools natively available in BEXT.

Optimized storage
Optimized storage

Impressive functional coverage

Because bags of grain aren't prepared like medicine, BEXT offers a complete range of preparation, packing and dispatch modes. Because the needs of e-commerce are different from those of the food industry, BEXT offers adapted, comprehensive and powerful levels of traceability, communication and flow security. And because logistics are constantly evolving, these different functionalities are available in modules for rapid and easy deployment. Transport, invoicing, hazardous materials, management of serial numbers, equipment, SSCCs, etc. are just some of the functionalities that can be activated with a few clicks.

Modularity according to business sector
Modularity according to business sector
BEXT was developed by logisticians, for logisticians
BEXT was developed by logisticians, for logisticians

In an increasingly competitive market, logistics can no longer be considered solely as a cost center. In an economic system where warehousing is expensive, where suppliers and customers are just-in-time, with ever longer lead times and ever shorter delivery times, mastering the supply chain has become a key factor in business success. Gone are the days of full truckloads several times a month; the time has come for much smaller but much more frequent orders. Preparation methods have changed, as have delivery methods. Logistics software must be able to adapt, configure and keep pace with these changes, while retaining its essential function: ensuring perfect real-time inventory management and flawless flow traceability.

From multi-customer to multi-carrier

BEXT is multi-customer, multi-site and multi-carrier. Fully configurable, it gives you the freedom to develop your business independently.
New customers are integrated simply by setting their management rules (reception modes, preparation modes, etc.) using natively available rules. invoicing logistics services.

An unrivalled range of functions

  • Ultra-intuitive operation
  • Highly configurable
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Modules for every need

Whether they are logistics service providers, shippers, manufacturers, resellers, forwarding agents, carriers, etc., our customers all have the same need to optimize their logistics, and the same desire to invest in open, scalable and intuitive software. For over 20 years, BEXT has been responding to the specific needs of our customers' business sectors with a full range of easy-to-use, highly configurable functions. Enriched by the logistical experience of our project managers and our customers, BEXT is constantly evolving to offer users functionalities tailored to their needs.

BEXT andamp; logisticians
Logistics customers45%
Sector growth+14%
Antoine Roucoules

This project, a real human adventure, really mobilized our employees.

Antoine Roucoule
Director - Durand Production
Olivier Perche - CMP - 2019

We have improved the performance of our logistics and gained in agility.

Olivier Perche
Director of Operations - CMP
Claude Soumet

The BEXT solution fits in perfectly with our strategy of offering our customers a tailor-made logistics solution.

Claude Soumet
Logistics Director - Denjean Logistique
François-Xavier Boisramé

INFFLUX works with us to ensure that our organization and processes are as efficient as possible.

François-Xavier Boisramé
Logistics Director - Djeco
Lucien Pitiot Gamba Rota 2015

The BEXT solution ensures traceability of all our operations, as well as information feedback via EDI, as requested by our customers.

Lucien Pitiot
Wine and Spirits Logistics Manager - Gamba andamp; Rota

Case studies

Through customer case studies, discover how our logistics software has responded to problems encountered in the field.

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  • Bext offers your customers WEB access, enabling them to view all their data in real time. Rights management allows you to manage the functionalities accessible, or to restrict access to certain functions. It goes without saying that each customer can only view his own data.

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