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Réunion des Musées Nationaux

INFFLUX and ISITEC solutions at the heart of e-commerce logistics

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The Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais is a cultural operator whose mission is to promote access to culture throughout France and beyond.

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Optimize e-commerce logistics to guarantee a shopping experience in line with customer expectations and brand values. At the heart of the re-internalisation of its previously outsourced e-logistics services, Rmn-GP now relies on INFFLUX's BEXT Sort and Go tool and ISITEC International's ISIPICK line-side solution.

Réunion des Musées Nationaux

INFFLUX and ISITEC International solutions at the heart of Rmn-Gp's e-commerce logistics agility


A cultural institution under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, Rmn-Gp has positioned itself as Europe's leading cultural operator by organizing major exhibitions, notably at the Grand Palais. It also publishes books and exhibition catalogs, markets derivative products and produces exceptional products from its casting and chalcography workshops. The company's extensive product range is sold through a branch network of 35 boutiques, including the Musée du Louvre, and via its website: http://www.boutiquesdemusees.fr.

Aware of the importance of logistics in the customer experience and of innovation in the development of its e-commerce business, Rmn-Gp decided in 2017 to centralize its BtoB (boutiques) and BtoC (internet users) logistics flows on the Garonor platform and equip it with the most relevant e-logistics solutions to gain in productivity and responsiveness. Since October 2, 2018, the effective date of the re-internalization of e-commerce logistics, INFFLUX's Bext Sort and Go software solution and the ISIPICK system have been optimizing the preparation and dispatch of Rmn-Gp's BtoC retail orders to boost its development.

Isitec's ISIPICK system is coupled with Infflux's Bext Sortandamp;Go software to prepare e-commerce orders.
Isitec's ISIPICK system is coupled with Infflux's Bext Sortandamp;Go software to prepare e-commerce orders.

BEXT enables staff in charge of online sales to view stock levels, current supplier orders, customer returns, etc. in real time.


2018 under the banner of e-logistics for Rmn-GP

Spurred on by the re-internalisation of its logistics, a guarantee of greater flexibility and transparency, Rmn-Gp, already equipped with the WMS solution BEXT, made the choice in 2018 to capitalize on the offer of the editor INFFLUX, by selecting the functionalities of BEXT Sort and Go, designed and conceived for e-commerce. At the time, he was looking for an "edge-of-line" hardware solution that could be easily plugged into the Bext WMS, without any major development or investment. Ismaël Daoudi confides, "The ISITEC solution quickly stood out. It offered the right technological compromise we were looking for, with equipment perfectly adapted to our flow typology and capable of communicating rapidly with BEXT".

Logistics optimization dedicated to e-commerce flows

Indeed, the project aims to optimize e-commerce processes and also processing costs via the integration of BtoB and BtoC flows within a single logistics platform. The project, agreed in January 2018 for an operational start in October 2018, the key month for the start of Rmn-GP's peak activity, is divided into 5 key phases: definition and analysis of e-logistics processes in March, deployment of Sort and Go functionalities in April, installation of ISIPICK shelving and ventilation cabinets in May, testing from July to September 2018, and then moving stock in stages before integration into the BEXT solution. Ismaël Daoudi, adds "Following INFFLUX's fine-tuning of the project, the start-up and ramp-up were carried out on schedule, so that we were fully operational from the start of our peak activity at the end of the year. A challenge successfully met by INFFLUX and ISITEC International".

RMN uses hardware and IT tools that are perfectly adapted to their e-commerce activity
RMN uses hardware and IT tools that are perfectly adapted to their e-commerce activity
3 months
return on investment
200 à 300
parcels dispatched per day


Efficient logistics and new delivery services

The first benefit of internalizing e-commerce flows is that Rmn-Gp is now able to streamline and accelerate all its processes, from online product listing to dispatch of orders to end customers. The BEXT WMS solution, interfaced with Sage ERP, which manages e-commerce flows, guarantees Rmn-Gp greater transparency and responsiveness from all its departments. In this way, BEXT enables employees in charge of running the online sales site, which was completely redesigned in June 2018, to view stock levels, current supplier orders, customer returns... in real time. And vice versa, the Supply Chain department can use BEXT to adjust its logistics resources in the event of promotional operations. Back and front office thus work in real time, with fluid "hyper" communication of information, guaranteeing responsiveness for all concerned.

One area of the warehouse is entirely dedicated to the storage, picking and ventilation of the 5,900 active items on the Rmn-Gp e-commerce site, including "tops", mugs, moldings and Tryptiques skateboards. The BEXT Sort and Go and ISIPICK solutions, meanwhile, optimize BtoC flows, which have become a priority within the warehouse, to accelerate the preparation and dispatch of retail orders. A team was trained in the operation of the Sort and Go solution and the ISIPICK ventilation system, in order to secure the processes and best practices implemented.

What's more, labelling by suppliers has become compulsory, as part of the drive for efficiency. To take things a step further, Rmn-Gp set about mechanizing the shipping phase of its 200 to 300 daily parcels, again with INFFLUX. A web service was set up by the editor to enable its BEXT solution to communicate with the 2 transport providers, with a view to eliminating unnecessary manual tasks. As of March 2019, the Rmn-GP e-commerce site has extended its delivery options to include Relais Colis, a key e-commerce partner, in response to strong demand from its Internet customers. This new delivery method, which accounts for 20% of sales, has enabled a significant drop in the shopping cart abandonment rate.

  • Acceleration of all processes
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Information available in real time
  • Fluid communication
Ismaël Daoudi RMN

The return on investment for the solution - software and infrastructure - will be achieved in less than 12 months.

Ismaël Daoudi
Supply Chain Manager, Rmn-Gp


Ismaël Daoudi, Supply Chain Manager at Rmn GP, concludes on future projects: "In view of the expected increase in our e-commerce sales, we need to upsize our INFFLUX and ISITEC International installation in the coming months to absorb the inherent rise in logistics activity. In addition, we plan to capitalize once again on INFFLUX's BEXT range to implement a click and collect solution in our Paris stores."

"The return on investment of the INFFLUX and ISITEC International solution - software and infrastructure - will be achieved in less than 12 months".

Need to centralize BtoB and BtoC logistics flows
Installation of BEXT Sort and Go and Isitec ventilation cabinets
Acceleration of all processes
Implementation of click and collect in Paris stores
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