ISS gains in agility and traceability

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The ISS Group is considered the world's leading outsourcing company and a specialist in logistics outsourcing.

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Greater agility and traceability

ISS has just selected INFFLUX's range of Android-based mobile applications to optimize chain-side supply flows and parcel traceability at one of its customers' factories.


With BEXT Digital Mobility, ISS gains agility and traceability in its factory logistics.


Considered the best outsourcing company in the world, ISS, present in over 77 countries, employs 500,000 people - the world's 4th largest private employer - and generates sales of 10 billion euros. ISS France, the group's second-largest subsidiary, is a major player in corporate services, particularly in factory logistics outsourcing. Backed by an industrial culture and a credo of operational excellence, ISS has been relying on the BEXT Digital Mobility range of mobile applications, interfaced with SAP ERP, since April 2017. Their mission is to increase agility and traceability throughout the logistics processes of a plant belonging to one of ISS's customers, a major French industrial and technological group in the aeronautics, space and defense sectors. In this rigorous context, ISS needs to optimize line-side supply and implement dynamic traceability.

In the winter of 2016, ISS is looking for a suite of mobile Supply Chain Execution applications for one of its customers, capable of accelerating line-side supply - receiving, control, inventory management, order picking - and accurately tracking sensitive products. It had to meet two key challenges for the factory logistics of a major international industrial group: optimized processes for just-in-time production, and "flawless" traceability, a guarantee of service quality for customers.

Android Native
Android Native" tools to take advantage of new tools (radio terminals, tablets, etc.)

BEXT DM Traceability - flow management, are distinguished by their depth of functional coverage and their "Full Android" dimension.


Selected in January 2017, the mobile applications BEXT DM RF - online and offline warehouse process management - and BEXT DM Traceability - flow management, stand out for their depth of functional coverage and their "Full Android" dimension. Conceived and designed to easily interact with and exploit all the functionalities of the new Zebra PDAs, these applications, linked to the SAP ERP, guarantee the control of all offline and online processes, and fine traceability in real time. Deployed in April in the factory of one of ISS's customers, INFFLUX's mobile applications should rapidly spread throughout the logistics service provider's factory.

Optimized edge-of-line management
Optimized edge-of-line management
End-to-end traceability for maximum customer service quality
End-to-end traceability for maximum customer service quality
the world's fourth-largest private employer


In addition to agile supply chain management, the BEXT Digital Mobility range stands out for its ability to track parcels on the factory floor. Gone are the dark zones not covered by Wifi and with high security requirements, Infflux applications take over off-line and/or 3/4 G to precisely track high-tech, high value-added products. ISS Logistique et Production can thus ensure "seamless" product traceability, while gaining agility and reliability in its logistics operational processes.

This project demonstrates the technological and business relevance of the BEXT Digital Mobility range, presented in March 2017 at the SITL show and deployed from April 2017 within a renowned service provider like ISS. It confirms that Infflux is a forward-thinking player, particularly in innovation and new practices, serving logistics providers. The proof is in the pudding: over 10% of France's 150 largest logistics service providers already rely on Infflux solutions!

  • Faultless product traceability
  • Agility and reliability of logistics processes
  • No more uncovered black zones
Need for greater agility and traceability
Use of Infflux mobility applications
Traceability throughout the plant supply chain
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