Djeco fills Santa's bag in over 70 countries.

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Djeco has been a French toy manufacturer since 1954. The company was founded in Paris by Véronique Michel-Dalès, who imagines learning games.

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Christmas, high season for Djeco

Christmas, the "high point" for any toy manufacturer, starts as early as July. INFFLUX's BEXT WMS solution supports Djeco, from the optimization of its large summer stock to export preparations and the final restocking of partner stores on December 24.


With INFFLUX, the French toy manufacturer, Djeco fills Santa's bag in over 70 countries


Since its creation in 1954, the Djeco family business has been imagining and inventing toys and games that combine creativity, design and aesthetics, to awaken and delight children all year round. In addition to its trademark design, Djeco has opted for selective distribution via a network of local retailers, guaranteeing strong relationships based on cooperation and service.

At its new international logistics platform in Saint Ouen l'Aumône, which opened in July 2017, Djeco relies on the BEXT WS solution to manage and optimize more than 230,000 order lines per month. This is a new stage in the collaboration forged in 2009 between Djeco and INFFLUX, which has supported the company's strong growth. As François Xavier Boisramé, Djeco's Logistics Director, tells us: "Our business is brisk all year round. However, we see a peak in store orders from mid-October onwards, and in restocking right up to December 24. In my view, the keys to Christmas logistics success lie in the warehouse environment, IT and the human resources mobilized."

Mobilized teams working with the right tools are the key to success.
Mobilized teams working with the right tools are the key to success.

INFFLUX, not just a software publisher, but also a logistician


Logistics space doubled in 2017

In June 2017, Djeco acquired a new logistics platform of over 12,000 m2 , in a state-of-the-art building. "In less than 15 days, and after moving more than 12,500 pallets, we were operational.The same applies to the BEXT WS solution, where we are completely autonomous," notes François Xavier Boisramé. The manufacturer's entire product range passes through this platform. All logistics operations are carried out here, from reception to quality control, preparation and dispatch, both within and outside France. In the summer of 2017, the Logistics Department got down to the business of sending large "Grand Import" orders, by truck or container, to its international agents and distributors. From mid-October 2017, the pace of supply to the boutiques accelerated, and continued until the end of November. In December 2017, the Logistics Department focused on the speed and efficiency of replenishing partner outlets. François Xavier Boisramé confirms, "Well in advance, we involve our transporters so that they can guarantee a tailor-made service to our Parisian or London stores, such as reception before the weekend, collection of pallets, cartons, film... Our mission is to satisfy them, for the benefit of our customers, everywhere in the world

A software solution tailored to Djeco's specific logistics challenges and requirements

In the new logistics platform, the BEXT WS solution, coupled with RF Wifi terminals and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, speeds up all order preparations, with a constant focus on efficiency and service levels. Indeed, the Logistics Department has to manage "small orders" destined for stores, right through to pallets for distributors. At every stage, BEXT WS rationalizes and optimizes, from the best storage location to the most efficient packaging to the most optimal picking route. The INFFLUX solution also manages all documents, from traditional delivery notes to export declarations.

The Djeco warehouse is optimized by the use of the flexible Bext WS WMS.
The Djeco warehouse is optimized by the use of the flexible Bext WS WMS.
Launch of BEXT at DJECO
order lines per month

Quickly operational and mobilized resources

In autumn 2017, the logistics platform's workforce doubled, thanks to the hiring of temporary workers. The BEXT WS solution considerably facilitated their integration. It shows them, from their mobile terminal, the actions to be carried out and the instructions to be followed: they are quickly up and running.

François Xavier Boisramé comments: "INFFLUX's BEXT solution enables us to monitor in real time the operations carried out by each operator. It guarantees us traceability of all actions carried out in compliance with the logistics indicators set up."

  • Easy integration of new staff
  • Real-time monitoring of operations
  • Traceability of all actions
François-Xavier Boisramé

INFFLUX works with us to ensure that our organization and processes are as efficient as possible.

François-Xavier Boisramé
Logistics Director


François-Xavier Boisramé adds: "In the coming months, we plan to dematerialize and move towards paperless operations with BEXT WS, to enhance our operators' working comfort

"This pivotal pre-Christmas period calls for a high level of rigor and responsiveness in order to meet increased demand worldwide. INFFLUX, a logistics provider in addition to being a software publisher, supports us so that our organization and processes offer the greatest efficiency to fill Santa's sack."

A new international logistics platform
Implementation of an adapted software solution
Traceability of all actions carried out
Paperless objective
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