Denjean Logistique

Denjean Logistique

BEXT at the heart of Denjean's logistics strategy

A warehouse operator using BEXT WS

Denjean Logistique

A logistics service provider based in the South West of France, Denjean Logistique provides "tailor-made" logistics solutions for the retail, service and industrial sectors, industry and e-commerce

Denjean's storage warehouse

A strategy of diversification

New logistics offers, new customer typology: Denjean Logistique's strategy is resolutely one of diversification. The BEXT WS solution supports the logistics provider in its development.


BEXT at the heart of the diversification strategy of Denjean Logistique, a leading logistics provider in the South West of France


A 100% subsidiary of the Denjean group, founded in 1966, Denjean Logistique provides a "tailor-made" logistics solution for the retail, service, industrial and e-commerce sectors. Today, it employs 300 people across 135,000 m2 of warehousing space in the Greater South-West region: Toulouse, Châteauroux, Montbartier, Lectour... At the heart of its strategy to grow by diversifying its activities, Denjean Logistique made the choice in 2015 to renew its confidence in the software publisher INFFLUX by selecting the WMS BEXT WS solution to optimize the logistics processes and flows of 4 of its warehouses, in particular the Mazère site, which federates its different sectoral "know-how".

Fabien Germa, Logistics and Supply Chain Project Manager at Denjean Logistique, comments: "With sales that have doubled in 5 years, from 7 to 14 million euros, Denjean Logistique is positioning itself in the South West of France as an alternative to the major groups, with an agile and competitive response to the outsourcing and logistics pooling needs of players in the industrial and e-commerce sectors. Multi-customer and multi-system in our warehouses, we capitalize today on the BEXT solution, our benchmark WMS, to guarantee our customers high-performance logistics processes and flawless traceability, while respecting their specific business needs"

Denjean Logistique operates over 135,000 m2 of warehousing space in the Greater South-West region.
Denjean Logistique operates over 135,000 m2 of warehousing space in the Greater South-West region.

The BEXT WS solution fits in perfectly with our strategy.

Ramping up the BEXT range to meet Denjean Logistique's diversification needs

In 2010, Denjean Logistique decided to develop an E-commerce-oriented offer with a view to diversifying, the company's watchword. This led to the acquisition of Infflux's BEXT One, a pre-configured, pre-parameterized version of the BEXT WS solution's best logistics practices, which is quick to install and implement.

This diversification strategy has borne fruit in just a few years. It is reflected in the arrival of a dozen new customers and the growth of e-commerce activity, which now accounts for over 15% of the company's business. To support its development, Denjean Logistique has chosen to capitalize on the INFFLUX range, by selecting the BEXT WS solution as its logistics information system to optimize its information flows and logistics processes according to the new typology of its customers.

Fabien Germa confides: "In 2015, when I joined Denjean Logistique, my mission was to give a new dynamic to our information system, by deploying BEXT WS, the big brother of BEXT One, and interfacing it with a TMS". He adds: "Over and above training, we wanted to be totally autonomous, so as to be able to customize the solution according to the expectations and needs of our customers in various sectors of activity". In just a few months, Denjean Logistique gradually adopted and deployed the BEXT WS solution in its warehouses. Today, more than 50 employees, from multi-skilled operators to operations managers and team leaders, use the BEXT solution on a daily basis.

Operators whose tasks have been optimized for ever greater efficiency.
Operators whose tasks have been optimized for ever greater efficiency.
square meters of warehouse space in the Greater South West region
daily BEXT users
e-commerce activity

From optimizing operational processes to sharing information with customers

"As Fabien Germa points out, "With a new system, new processes and new ways of working are required. Intuitive and easy to use, the BEXT solution now facilitates all the operator tasks that have been redesigned - receiving, storage, order preparation and shipping. It also guarantees Denjean Logistique 360° visibility of its processes and operational flows.

In addition, Denjean Logistique now offers its e-merchant customers access to a web portal where they can consult their current or completed logistics operations and key indicators in real time, via BEXT Web. The BEXT solution thus becomes a fully-fledged "service" component in the logistics provider's range of services, and a truly differentiating one. In the first quarter of 2016, the logistics provider is working in particular on optimizing the path of multi-skilled operators in the various warehouses in order to increase their working comfort and productivity.

  • 360° visibility of processes and operational flows
  • Access via web portal
  • Optimization of operator paths
Claude Soumet

The BEXT solution fits in perfectly with our strategy of offering our customers a tailor-made logistics solution.

Claude Soumet
Logistics Director


In the coming months, Denjean Logistique intends to further exploit the potential of the BEXT WS solution to enhance its order-picking processes, with an emphasis on massification, and by precisely measuring the productivity gained in receiving and, above all, in order-picking.

"The BEXT WS solution is an ideal fit with our strategy of offering our customers a tailor-made logistics solution that incorporates the best logistics processes and practices for their specific businesses. Our partner Infflux is a driving force behind us, helping us to improve our performance by optimizing processes and operational flows, in line with our image of quality and respected commitments".

Need to optimize warehouse processes and flows
Implementation of BEXT WS
360° visibility of processes and flows
Enhance order preparation methods
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