BEXT WS, controlling all warehouse flows

Performance, cost control and scalability: the BEXT WS solution is the driving force behind your customer promise.

The warehouse at the forefront of today's and tomorrow's logistics challenges

The boom in e-commerce, omnichannel sales, changing purchasing habits and consumer expectations are all having an impact on logistics management, and especially on the warehouse, which is on the front line. Indeed, warehouses face a number of challenges, such as managing the ever-increasing number of retail orders, which makes stock management, logistics operations and order picking all the more complex. WMSs must also meet the challenges of optimization and profitability, as well as satisfying the ever-increasing demands of end customers, in terms of freight, delivery times, reliability, traceability and quality of service.

An optimized warehouse to meet customer needs
An optimized warehouse to meet customer needs

The WMS, both strategist and tactician

Logistics performance at the best possible cost in terms of equipment and resources requires a WMS solution that ensures the efficiency and effectiveness you need to manage your warehouses. Now a strategic link in the chain, the WMS solution guarantees the digitalization, flexibility and agility of your logistics processes, enabling you to absorb the latest developments, such as the new e-logistics requirements of marketplaces, dropshipping and so on. The WMS is also a tactician for automating and supporting your resources, which need to be ever more efficient and versatile: quickly, you need to be able to reorganize your operations to meet fluctuating shipping constraints.

Schedules for greater efficiency
Schedules for greater efficiency

To manage processes and resources as effectively as possible, you need to have the right indicators in immediate time to adapt them to your priorities in order to deliver on your customer promise. Solutions are needed to enable you to move from a reactive to a proactive mode. The BEXT WS solution is the answer, providing you with a 360° vision and optimization of your physical logistics flows, immediate time flow management, digitization of your processes, customer driven management and key business indicators.

A scalable, intuitive and open WMS solution to manage and optimize your warehouse

Resolutely agile thanks to its parameterization capabilities, BEXT's WMS logistics solutions are distinguished by their technological foundation, which can be enhanced with new functionalities as your supply chain, processes and business needs evolve, in a conventional, semi-automated or even robotized logistics warehouse. The BEXT WMS solution can be enhanced with a range of functionalities resolutely geared to Retail, Industry, E-Commerce, Luxury Goods, Food andamp; Beverage, Logistics Services... or even specific modules such as quality or hazardous materials management, in order to address and respond precisely to your business needs. With our credo of useful innovation, we offer you the most relevant functionalities to optimize your warehouse processes and practices, in order to gain in costs, lead times and productivity, and therefore in customer satisfaction.

With its intuitive ergonomics, the BEXT WS solution guarantees each user access to the functions best suited to their needs, depending on their profile in the logistics sector (operator, manager, supervisor); they are never more than a click away from essential information or KPIs. Open to the Supply Chain and Transport ecosystem, BEXT's transport and logistics solution is available in on-premise, PaaS or SaaS mode, and communicates with all types of applications making up your information system (ERP, EAI, CRM, Marketplace, EDI, etc.) to promote interactions and exchanges between your different systems.) to promote interactions and exchanges between the various players (logistics specialist, service providers, carriers), and thereby enhance warehouse efficiency.

A WMS solution that drives your customer promise

Minimizing operating costs while delivering your customer promise on time - these are your objectives as a logistics provider. To optimize your flows, processes and operations, you need to focus on the warehouse, wrongly considered as a cost center or even a necessary evil. With the BEXT WS solution, you can control your costs and your storage capacity, and optimize and increase the reliability of all operations in your logistics distribution center, whether manual or semi-automated.

From goods receipt to order preparation, right through to dispatch to your professional or private customers, you optimize your flows. Recognized for its reliability, flexibility and scalability, BEXT provides your distribution logistics centers with an optimized instant-time view of your stock, and traceability of all physical and information flows. It guarantees to increase your productivity by eliminating unnecessary movements and gestures, and to accelerate the lead time of your orders.

For efficiency and proactivity, BEXT WS enables you to avoid unforeseen events such as stock-outs, discrepancies and picking errors; the logistics solution optimizes your warehousing space, scheduling, inventory management, resource management and digitalizes your processes for quality customer service.

With our flexible solutions, your warehouse becomes the driving force behind your customer relations, delivering the right products to the right place at the right time, in the right quantities and under the right conditions, and always at the best price.

We offer you an innovative solution with strong functional depth, as well as the support in your logistics process you need to achieve your objectives.

Key figures
Number of sites deployed over 200
Productivity gains observed15 to 30%
Service levels achieved over 99%
WMS indicators
BEXT WS at the heart of your supply chain
BEXT WS at the heart of your supply chain
A warehouse where every square meter is optimized
A warehouse where every square meter is optimized
Order picking guided by radio terminal processes adapted to your activity
Order picking guided by radio terminal processes adapted to your activity


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