A solid and relevant Supply Chain Execution ecosystem

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At a time of accelerating Supply Chain Execution 4.0 transformation, we have a solid and relevant business ecosystem to leverage collective intelligence for the benefit of our customers.

An ecosystem of experts with complementary skills

We are convinced that each business or technology has its own specificities, and that it is necessary to rely on an expert in the field to provide our customers with solutions tailored to their needs.

In this respect, INFFLUX, a human-scale publisher of the BEXT unified Supply Chain Execution platform (WMS, WCS, TMS, APPS, etc.), has chosen from the outset to surround itself with a network of high value-added partners, in order to breathe useful innovation into the agility and efficiency of our customers' organizations.

Jean-Christophe Henry, Managing Director of INFFLUX: According to the African proverb, alone you go faster, together you go further, which illustrates the importance of collective intelligence. Our network of partners guarantees us the ability to combine expertise and knowledge, from end to end, to offer you the innovations best suited to the transformation of your Supply Chain.

Business experts at your service
Business experts at your service

Alone we go faster, together we go further. Together with our partners, we offer you the innovations best suited to the transformation of your Supply Chain.

A committed publisher and a growth-accelerating ecosystem

At Infflux, we don't see our ecosystem as the sum of our partnership contracts, but rather as the quality of our interactions and knowledge-sharing with experts working towards a common goal: customer satisfaction. Our aim is to maintain win-win partnerships over the long term, in which human relationships are of paramount importance, and to multiply interactions within our ecosystem according to everyone's interests.

Infflux's collaboration with its partners is based on sharing, complementarity and expertise. Together, Infflux and its partners complement and optimize each other's solutions and services, with the aim of contributing to the optimization of supply chain performance for companies in over 20 business sectors.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our partners have chosen to invest in our ecosystem:

  • BEXT is an innovative, agile and modular software suite, designed to provide your customers with the right solution
  • Reliable, high-performance recommendations and high-quality deployment support
  • A management team and managers who listen to you, and a close relationship with you

In addition, we provide a full range of tools at every stage of collaboration and project management:

  • A dedicated team
  • Shared sales support
  • Co-marketing initiatives
  • Sales and technical support
  • A logistics skills development program and recognized training courses (Infflux is Qualiopi certified)

Integrator partners

With a view to developing our market presence and strengthening our skills in project management, functional expertise and integration of our solutions, we have developed an approach and training programs to reinforce the synergies between Infflux and your integrator activities.

Technology partners

Relying on the expertise of our partners to provide our customers with the right answers to increasingly complex issues
Whether it's for the performance, security and availability of our Cloud offerings, or automated operator assistance solutions (RF, RFID, OCR, displays, Co-Bot, etc.), we attach great importance to developing technical, methodological and commercial synergies, a guarantee of confidence for our respective customers and long-term relationships.

Consulting partners

To help you understand the strengths and specific features of our unified BEXT platform, so that you can provide your customers with the best possible support, and also to enable us to benchmark our solutions on a regular basis, so that we can better anticipate changes in market expectations, we have developed a specific approach to the market ecosystem.

Institutional partners and specifiers

The development of relationships with professional associations, schools and universities is the 3rd pillar of our program. Developing relationships and synergies with engineering and supply chain schools enables us to draw on strong skills in order to identify and develop tomorrow's solutions. Participating in the training and integration of future supply chain talent is also a major challenge. This is why we have set up a dedicated department to develop relationships with schools and universities, tailored to each individual's expectations and objectives.

A dynamic team at your service
A dynamic team at your service

Are you a start-up, software publisher or integrator? Join the INFFLUX ecosystem to grow together

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